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Waterproofing & Flooring Systems


Chemie & Bouw from Ghent (Nazareth) is with his 56 years of experience a leading company and specialist in the field of waterproofing works.

The strength of our company lays in designing its own products and experience when it comes to waterproofing.


You can also contact Chemie & Bouw for the rental of injection equipment and additives for concrete and mortar .

Chemie en Bouw



To date, Chemie & Bouw is still researching the development of new products to improve and renew the range.
The range consists of additives for mortars and concrete, waterproofing mortars, hydrofuges for rising moisture, facades, primers ...

In addition to producing and distributing waterproofing products, Chemie & Bouw is also active in cellar sealing, rising moisture and the installation of cementitious screeds for which we ourselves also have the capacity to instal our own products. Feel free to contact us to hear more about it. 

Chemie & Bouw BVBA | Begoniastraat 28 | Industriepark 9810 Eke-Nazareth |

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